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Braided Neck Tops

Posted on 16 November 2015

Braiding tops is one of the most feminine ways to style a top. And also pretty popular... just do a search for it on Google or Pinterest and you'll be inundated with the many results you'll see, from DIY to haute couture.

In our search for cool, casual and contemporary tops we hardly saw braided tops that we loved and could bring it to the store. It was going to be a big disappointment if we hadn't found any until we found three... yes, three tops that we thought were just adorable, feminine and as cool, casual and contemporary as it gets. They're also versatile, which meant that our customers could get a pretty good use out of them in many ways -- dressing up or dressing down. We were happy!

We'll continue to search for braided tops, they're often the most unique tops out there. But, in the meantime, if you haven't seen them, please check out the three braided tops we have... and let us know what you think! We sure think it adds so much interest to the tops (that's why we got them)   

plus size braided neck top mauve    plus size braided boat neck top mango       

               Floral Burnout Hi-Lo Top      Braided Boat Neck Tunic   Sheer Braided Boat Neck Top


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