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7 Things Plus Size Women with Small Boobs are Tired of Hearing

Posted on 25 September 2015

If you fit the profile, you probably already know what they are. I just read this article -- full disclosure as I'll share the link to the original article below -- and thought it to be quite eye-opening... not only from a social perspective, but from a retail one, after all, we need to make sure our clothes fit our customers. 

The 7 things are:

1. How are you that fat and still have no boobs?

2. Have you considered getting them enhanced?

3. Tits are the only redeemable quality fat chicks have going for them.

4. According to these measurements, should fit into a 46DDD!

5. Wearing a push-up like that is false advertisement. (Can you think of what else is false advertisement!!)

6. Why are your boobs so small?

7. The unspoken words of a fashion industry that treats us a though we don't exist.

Not only inappropriate, but downright disrespectful. I most of the time don't know what people have in their minds and why they feel entitled to ask questions like these. 

I commend Rebecca Mears for sharing her experience in this article. You can read more here "7 Things Plus Size Woman With Small Boobs Are Tired of Hearing".

Have you experienced the same?

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