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About Us


…is the place for you to find your casual self, carefree, your ever-lasting sense of cool.
Like you, we will stick with what we love and we will value our diversity.
Like you, we are not afraid to try, to dare, to wear what speaks to our sense of pride,
to our individuality.

We want to be carefree, but soulful. We want to care to be different,
to be who we are, and to show it.

Your cherished possessions tell your stories.
We want to be part of that. We want you to take us on adventures,
whether you are exploring the coolest neighborhood in town or
the most exotic place on Earth.

You are a maker -- of art, of friendship, of positive change, of love.
You appreciate being real. We respect that.

We are so very jolly you have found us! 


We have partnered with some of the coolest plus size brands to bring you cool, casual
and contemporary fashion.
We are a small women-owned business, but we will honor our responsibility to our environment, 
to our community and to our customers. 
We have many dreams and we hope you ride along to be part of them.


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